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(All measurements should be in inches)
(For more detailed measuring instructions, go here)

Good Method:

Give us the spa size outside dimensions (of lip) and inside dimensions of (water line) and we will make the cover one (1) inch smaller than the outside dimension, so that the cover will rest on the lip of the spa. This will be one-half (1/2) inch on each side. Please note on your order form any controls, speakers etc. that are above the lip of the spa.

Best Method:

Make a template of the spa.

1. Purchase a clear plastic painters drop cloth from a hardware or paint store (thicker is easier to work with), must be at least 5 mil thick or it will stretch.

2. Stretch plastic over spa and pull tight, so there are no wrinkles or bubbles and secure to side of spa using tape.

3. With a felt maker:

a)Mark plastic "this side up"

b)Trace outside (O.D.) of shell on all sides.

c) Trace inside (I.D.) of shell on all sides. If the spa is built in, indicate this as waterline.

d)Trace an outline of controls and anything on top of spa lip that might hinder a good seal.

e)Keeping in mind that the seal must rest on a flat surface to seal correctly, mark where you would like the cover to rest with a dotted line. If you are not sure, skip this step and we will determine it for you.

f) With a dotted line, mark where you would like the hinge. If no markings, then we will determine the best location.