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The hinge on your Be-Lite Aluminum Spa cover can be easily replaced when worn. No special tools are required. By replacing this simple part you will be able to get many years out of your spa cover.

1. Remove Hinge
    Remove screws from cover center (not ends) on both sides.
    Remove old black vinyl sections.
2. Take new vinyl roll and extend to proper length and cut your new segment
    (on one half of cover)

3. Insert new hinge between retaining piece and outer wall. Make sure that
    vinyl hinge is straight up and down

4. Put the screws back in place and tighten.

5. Line up completed half on top of other half and tap hinge into place with the
    palm of your hand until it is properly seated (or use rubber mallet).

6. Reinsert screws.
7. Fold several times to make sure that new hinge is properly inserted.